Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visits the International Art of Living Centre – May 5-14, 2012
The Centre is located in the Maurice Region of Quebec on 232 acres of land. It is a beautiful location to come for courses and features an exquisite new hall with an Asian architectural design.

Whether you are new to Art of Living or you have visited the Centre frequently, there are a variety of opportunities to be in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and to share in His knowledge and wisdom. We are offering introductory Art of Living courses as well as graduate courses for those who would like to spend time in silence and meditation.
Swami Sadyojathah visite le Canada – Swami Sadyojathah visits Canada – April & May, 2012
  1. Calgary-22nd Apr @4:30pm, Fort McMurray-Apr-23rd @7:00pm, Edmonton Apr-24th 7:00pm
  2. Regina Apr 25th 6pm, Apr 27th 6:30pm, Saskatoon Apr 26th 6:30pm
  3. Mississauga Apr 28th 5pm, Apr 29th 4pm
  4. Brampton, Apr 30th 7pm
  5. Drew Road Mississauga, May 1st 6:30pm
  6. Scarborough on May 2nd 6pm
  7. Montreal on May 3rd 7pm
  8. Ottawa on May 4th 6:30pm